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4 Assembled Boards for Just $199.00

Assemblink also can specializes in machine-placing components on low-quantity SMT Board Assembly or THT/PHT Board Assembly orders. .
Using our internally developed PCB assembly processes, we offer customers accurate printed circuitboard assemblies at an promotion price.


Just $199.00 gets you 4 machine assembled boards

Lead time: 5 days or less

Machine assembled for precision and quality
Includes the 1st 150 SMT parts on each board. if you have more than 150 parts.  Please contact our sales:

One Side stencil fee is $30.00



No other costs


PCB assembly jobs okay

Includes assembly with SMT like BGAs, QFNs, etc.

Packages:  0402 okay

All SMT is machine-placed




For promotion price with 10 Assembled Boards, please contact our sales for the quote.



• Quote Promotion:

We offer 100% quality warrantee, 100%shipping lead time guarantee and 100% lowprice guarantee in North Americans market and in Europe market .

• Final Quality Inspection

We conduct a battery of tests to ensure the quality of all product shipped  to our customers. Each type of products we offer official Inspection with micro section




• Worldwide Quality Coordination

Quality and reliability demand consistent processes across all facilities and sites. Assemblink has established identical quality systems and performance indicators for worldwide material control, design, production and employee training in order to ensure product uniformity, consistency and reliability.


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