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          1. Please email your production file (data) and BOM to   and get a quote from our sales.

  2.  Click the Order link at the upper of the home page

  3. Complete the ordering form and submit your order.

  4. You can also email your order form to our sales. If you find it necessary to submit your orders via e-mail, you can email it to





Ordering procedure index: (Follow these steps)

1. Transmit a ordering form by online submit or  Email to  Email your engineering files or purchese BOM to            

        2. Get a quote from Assemblink salesí»s feedback  within 12 hour.

        3. Down payment for the order to Assemblink USDí» cash account. Payments can be made by wire transfer the funds to account appointed or mail a check to address appointed or to qualify for an 30 account.

4. You would get a email sure for payment and beginning fabrication information and shipping time from Assemblink sales. 

5. Track ordering and check shipping state after 8days(for PCB) or 15 days(for PCBA) .   Sign for your boards with DHL or FeDex.

6. Payment your order (for 30 days account customer)

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